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Get a Home Alarm With No Monitoring Fees

Our Advance Alarm is the best of both worlds. You get a high-quality security alarm system without the monthly monitoring fees and costs. This system allows you to wirelessly monitor doors, windows, hallways, garages, and more using the different available components.  When the alarm is triggered, it calls up to 6 programmable numbers to alert you.

This home-base unit is the brains of your alarm system. From this unit, you arm and disarm the entire alarm system. This product comes with the base unit, 1 pocket wireless remote to arm and disarm the system, and 1 wireless door/window sensor.  You can add unlimited other wireless sensors to the system (available separately above) to expand the system to exactly fit your needs.

The base unit only measures 8 X 5-1/4 X 1-1/2 inches.


The base monitoring unit can emit a loud alarm AND dial up to 6 user-programmable telephone numbers when the alarm is set off. The alarm can be set off by various methods. It may be by a wireless door/window sensor, a wireless motion detection, or by the wireless remote control. You can add UNLIMITED sensors to the system. Whether you want 1 motion detector or 100, the system easily handles it. These add-ons are available above as accessories on this very same page.


You will not have to run wires for your home alarm system to fully function. All of the pieces are connected via a secure wireless link. This makes installation a snap. Wireless range of up to 250ft for wireless addons.

Easy Operation

The unit easily arms or disarms by the wireless remote control or through the hidden keypad. User- programmable codes allow you to control who can arm or disarm the system.

User-programmable zones allow either a full arm or a perimeter arm. A perimeter arm is perfect for only arming the doors and windows while you are home, whereas the full arm is ideal for when you leave.

It Calls You When There's a Problem

The unit can be programmed to call up to 6 phone numbers (user-programmable) when the alarm is tripped. When the unit calls, you can listen in to the room through the built-in mic, talk through the built-in speaker, have it automatically call the next number, or turn off the alarm.

This unit connects to a normal power outlet and has rechargeable battery backup for uninterrupted use. It also can connect to your phone line for phone functionality. Unit must connect to normal landline for dialing features. When it calls, it can call any number - landline or mobile.

The home unit basic package includes 1 base unit, 1 pocket wireless remote, and 1 wireless door/window sensor.

There are different accessories and add-ons to be used with the alarm system.
You may use an UNLIMITED combination of ANY of the add-ons on this page.

Please note:
You may use an unlimited number of any combination of add-ons above. However, this base unit is REQUIRED for any of the other add-ons to function.

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Product Specifications and Features

RF operating frequency318MHz
Wireless communication rangeup to 100 meters in free space without interference
Telephone systemDTMF (Tone) dialing on PSTN network
Phone number length16 digits max.
Voice message duration20 seconds
No. of dialing attempts1~9
Operating temperature0C ~ 50C
Casing materialABS
Package IncludesAlarm base unit
1 ea. pocket wireless remote
1 ea. wireless door/window sensor
AC power supply

Package Includes

Alarm base unit
1 ea. pocket wireless remote
1 ea. wireless door/window sensor
AC power supply

Robert from Elk Grove, CA 2011-10-01 15:50:24

All products I have purchased are of very high quality and work very well. The shipping is prompt and the prices are fair. Very happy with this company!

Michael from Hillside, IL 2009-02-05 12:16:18

good customer service !

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