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Digital Clock Hidden Color Camera with Motion-Detection Recording

This is a real-time, color, motion-activated, completely self-contained hidden camera for a great price. This is a complete hidden camera solution with nothing else to buy. It is also battery operated for easy mobility (battery and charger included).

This modern decorative clock is really a motion detection video camera. Easy operation lets you start motion detection recording by the press of a single button. Once activated, it will record in 30fps full color whenever motion is detected and stop recording when motion ceases. It records audio as well as video. The unit is powered by the built-in rechargeable battery (charger included) for complete mobility. No one will ever know this is a hidden camera.

Records High-Resolution Video and Audio

The SSC-468 records both video and audio.  This allows you to not only see what is happening when you're not around but also hear what's happening when you're not around. All video is recorded in amazing 640 x 480 high resolution.

Easy to Operate---Built-in Battery Charger

The unit can be controlled by using the included wireless remote control. Turn on the motion-detection recording by simply pressing one button.  This is the easiest to use hidden camera DVR that we have. When the battery is dead, just plug in the included power supply and recharge the battery (approx. 4- hour charge time).

Records to MicroSD Card - 4Gb Included

This unit records to a MicroSD card (4Gb card included - larger cards available above). A 32Gb Micro SD card is the maximum size (available separately) and will record approx 16 hours of video. The unit then connects to your computer via the included USB cable to view, download, or erase movie files. Unit is compatible with Windows 98 through Windows 7. Mac OS 9, and newer.

Battery Operated for Complete Mobility and Discretion

The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery (battery and charger are included).  The battery lasts for 12-15 hours of use and takes approx. 4 hours to charge.  Because it is battery operated, there will be no wires connected to it to draw attention or limit where it must be placed.  Put it anywhere.  No wires or AC power required.

This is a 100% complete hidden camera solution.  There is absolutely nothing else to buy.

Recording Capacity:

  • 4Gb Micro SD (included): 2 hours of video
  • 8Gb Micro SD: 4 hours of video
  • 16Gb Micro SD: 8 hours of video
  • 32Gb Micro SD: 16 hours of video.
Remember, the unit has motion-detection recording, so it may take many days to fill up your hours.

Specifications and Features

  • NTSC format
  • 1/4" Color CCD camera
  • Records in 640 x 480 high resolution
  • Real-time (30fps) color video
  • Records video and audio
  • Measures  2 1/2 " X 4-1/2" X 1-1/2"
  • Weight: 8oz
  • 30fps realtime video
  • 80-degree field of view for camera, 1 Lux
  • 640 x 480 video resolution
  • Controlled through unit itself or included wireless remote
  • 1 hour of recording per 2Gb memory card
  • 32Gb Micro SD card max capacity
  • Backlit display (can be turned on or off)
  • Built-in Motion detection recording
  • Timedate stamp on recorded video
  • Internal rechargeable battery will power unit for up to 10 hours
  • 4-hour battery charge time
  • Mac compatible (OS 9 and newer)
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and newer (including Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Package Includes

  • Decorative clock with color camera and motion-detection recording
  • Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • USB Cable
  • AC Charger
  • Wireless remote
  • 4Gb micro SD card

Note: This product is not recommended for nighttime or low-light applications.
This unit should only be used in a legal manner for personal use.

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