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Over 8 hours of telephone conversation can be captured on a standard C-120 cassette with crystal clear clarity. Compatible with single and multi line phone systems, this is a perfect fit in any office or home. Equipped with an automatic level controller, it's able to compensate for bad connections. Capture your conversations with cutting edge technology.

Advanced circuitry produces over 8 hours of recording on standard C-120 cassettes. This high performance model automatically begins when the phone is engaged. Auto level control ensures that both sides of the conversation are reproduced completely and clearly. A monitor option allows you to listen to conversations as you record them.

This unit can operate with an A/C adapter or batteries. Its compact size makes the recorder completely portable and perfect to bring along to meetings or lectures. The sophisticated Telephone Recorder has features like Extended Recording Mode, and Audio Monitor. The unit will fulfill your telephone recording needs, allowing over 8 hours of recording time per cassette. Record phone conversations, meetings, conference calls, or use as a transcriber.

This Telephone Recorder is the result of years of experience with manufacturing telephone recording devices. We have attempted to bring to the market the most easy-to-use telephone recorder with extended recording time ever produced. Records from virtually any single line phone with easy set-up, and silent operation.


  • Flexible Interfacing - The 1097 is ready for connection to a variety of single line, KSU, and PBX applications using Line Voltage Selection.
  • Audio Monitor - Allows you to monitor ongoing recorded conversations as they occur.
  • Built in Microphone - This unit features an internal microphone. Use as a normal recorder taking advantage of the extended recording time.
  • Extended Recording Mode - Allows you to almost triple recording time per cassette.

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