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Day or Night Infrared Surveillance Camera: Full True Color 580 Lines Super High Resolution  weatherproof camera, with a 1/3" SONY HQ CCD sensor automatically switching to B/W with infrared illumination in low light conditions. Excellent viewing up to 50 feet in total darkness.

It does not get any better than this for under $200.00. a fully weatherproof camera with 580 lines of true color resolution. The same manufacturer makes our Super 48 if you require further magnification or more lighting.

The field of view (FOV) of a camera is dictated by the lens size (in millimeters). The smaller the mm lens the wider the FOV. The larger the mm lens the more narrow FOV.  Please sample the tool to the right for the best lens selection for your application.

Extremely durable and excellent quality fully weather-proof with 5 ft. power/video cord attached, AC adapter, and mounting bracket included. 12 DC volt operation.  or This camera is only offered in a 6 mm lens.

Our power video cables will supply power to the camera as well as send the video back into your home to your TV, VCR or DVR. A hard wired surveillance camera does not require a power source near or at the camera.

When you add the Wireless Upgrade you will receive a transmitter in a weatherproof box which will plug into your camera. The receiver which is also included will connect to your TV, VCR, or DVR. All wireless cameras require power at the camera or very near the camera.

6.0mm has a 57 degree field of view. 3.6.mm has a 90 degree field of view.
 Please use FOV tool at right to see what a 6mm lens does for you.

  • CCD camera with built-in infrared emitters
  • SONY 1/3" HQ CCD sensor
  • 14 infra-red LEDs
  • Color daytime/black & white nighttime
  • Color 580 line resolution, 0 lux
  • 6.0mm lens or 3.6mm lens
  • Auto gain control
  • Sun Shield included
  •  12VDC  power supply and mounting bracket included
  • Auto white balance
  • Auto iris
  • Weatherproof metal housing
  • power consumption 125ma
  • Dimensions: 3.25" (L) x 2" (Diameter)
  • Back light compensation
  • One year warranty

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