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This page contains varied selection of TVI products. All are complete systems to include the DVR with hard drive, cameras, cables and power supplies. Please make sure to read the products in the shopping cart to determine exactly what you are ordering.

HD-TVI cameras are a type of analog high definition CCTV security camera (megapixel video over coaxial cabling / HD over coax) that supports up to 1080p video resolution. HD-TVI cameras are a great alternative to traditional analog CCTV and megapixel IP surveillance cameras because of their superior video quality and ability to use RG59 coax cable. TVI cameras are used by professional and DIY installers because they are so affordable and simple to install.

For recording, HD-TVI security cameras must be used with a compatible DVR. A hybrid HD-TVI / CCTV DVRs that work with analog CCTV and TVI cameras (720p and 1080p models). These hybrid DVRs allow users to mix and match combinations of both camera types and upgrade existing analog systems over time to high definition.

TVI Cameras - HD over Analog Cables

TVI cameras send compressed digital signal over analog cable.

TVI allows customers who already have run BNC cable (the cable used by old CCTV systems), the ability to upgrade to an HD solution without changing any wiring. One of the best things about TVI is that you can upgrade cameras gradually. TVI recorders (TVI DVRS) are Backward Compatible with Analog Cameras - if you plug an analog camera into a TVI recorder it will recognize that it is receiving analog rather than TVI's digital signal and record in analog; if you plug a TVI Camera in it will recognize the digital signal and record in HD. Because the video is compressed, TVI is perfect for upgrading to HD if you have already run BNC cable, but will not replace IP cameras as the dominant cameras of the future.

TVI recorders can accept signal from TVI cameras (SCW, Samsung, TVT, and Hikvision make TVI cameras) or Analog cameras. TVI is a transitional technology to help people with already existing cable get higher resolutions. All new installations should use IP cameras and NVRs as IP can already do 5x the resolution as TVI and IP cameras are significantly easier to install.

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