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Deluxe H.264 DVR Records in D1 with Motion Detection and Internet

The only real difference between our standard embedded dvr and this deluxe dvr is this one has full functioning deluxe Pan Tilt Zoom Camera capability.

Record from all 4 channels in crystal clear H.264 D1 quality at a realtime 30fps.  DVR supports color high resolution recording, internet viewing on a PC, Mac, or Mobile Phone, as well as smart motion detection recording. DVR comes with 1Tb drive already pre-installed for your convenience which will hold weeks of recording. This is a great DVR that does everything you need and more.

H.264 D1 High Quality Color Recordings

For the best video quality, H.264 combined with D1 resolution is the only way to go. You will get crystal clear live and recorded video. Every single channel can record at full 30fps at full D1 H.264 quality at the very same time. You will have the same quality on playback as you will on live viewing.

Record Manually, on a Schedule, or on Motion Detection

DVR supports a wide variety of recording options. The sky is the limit - you decide how it records. You may choose 24/7 motion detection recording. In this mode, whenever a camera sees motion, it will record. You may choose 24/7 manual recording. In this mode all cameras record all of the time. You may also choose to schedule how and when it records. In this mode, you may have it record on motion detection from 8am-5pm and continuously from 5pm-10pm and not at all the rest of the time. You can have it record exactly how you want it to. DVR has overwrite technology so it will overwrite the oldest footage when hard disk is full. This means it will run unattended indefinitely.

View DVR Over the Internet From a PC, Mac, or Mobile Phone

You can view the DVR over the internet in a number of ways
  • PC: You can view it through Internet Explorer or use the included CD software
  • Mac: You can view it using a free app from the Mac Store
  • Mobile Phone: Use our free app to view it on your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, or iPad based product

Smart Motion Detection Recording

Virtually eliminate false triggers with our smart motion detection technology. You can adjust the sensitivity as well as the motion detection mask to minimize false triggers. You decide which cameras record when motion is detected. You can have it record only the camera that sees motion, have it record all channels when one sees motion, or anything in between. For each camera, you can tell it which cameras to record when a particular camera sees motion.

Enhanced Playback

Using the enhanced playback feature, you can control the playback of each individual camera. This allows you full control and customization over how the video is when played back. This saves you both time and headaches. All recorded video can easily be exported to a flash drive or USB thumb drive and given to police, lawyers, etc.

Specifications and Features

  • Realtime 30 FPS for every channel
  • Record every channel at full D1 30fps simultaneously
  • Max resolution: 704 x 480 per channel (D1)
  • 4 BNC Video Inputs
  • 4 RCA Audio Inputs
  • 1 BNC Video Output
  • 1 VGA Video Output for computer monitor
  • 1 RCA audio output
  • Supports motion detection, schedule, or manual recording
  • Internet viewing on PC, Mac, or Mobile Phone
  • Easy playback of any or all channels simultaneously
  • Advanced motion detection features including masking
  • Email notifications on motion detection
  • Backup recorded video to USB flash drive or over network
  • Operate via included mouse or included wireless remote control
  • 12 Volt DC Operating Voltage
  • AC power supply included (12VDC output)

Package Includes

  • 4 Channel Real time H.264 DVR
  • 1Tb hard drive pre-installed
  • AC power supply
  • Wireless remote
  • USB mouse

Harvey from Milton, FL 2012-03-07 11:55:46

good over all DVR, easy to set up but had some isues with the settings getting the motion to set properly, called the company and they were able to help some

Jeremiah from Altadena, CA 2012-02-19 11:51:39

I liked your detailed descriptions. It's hard to beat being able to call and talk to real people without having to get through layers of level 1 support drones.

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