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4 Color Infrared Camera Package with 4 Channel Real Time DVR

This complete package will give you 4 quality color indoor cameras with infrared low light functionality. The cameras have infrared leds, which means the cameras can see at night. They will be color during the day and black and white at night.  These cameras are for indoor use only.  The 4 included 50 ft cables will run between the cameras and the included 4 camera DVR.  The DVR can be set to motion, continuous, or scheduled recording, advanced playback functionality. The DVR is our 4 ch. 120 FPS real time H.264 DVR. It has complete Internet viewing and network functionality. All you need to supply is a TV or VGA monitor for the DVR to connect to.

Complete and Easy Setup

All of our camera packages are complete and ready for use. The DVRs have the hard drives pre-installed. The cameras come with mounting brackets and power supplies. The power/video cables are ready to plug into the cameras and DVR. Just install the cameras wherever you want, connect the cable to the camera and the DVR, and then connect the DVR to your TV for viewing and playback. 

Cameras are Crisp, Clear, Color, and Infrared

The 4 included color infrared cameras give you a sharp color picture during the day and a nice b/w picture at night.  The cameras are designed for indoor use. We include 4 cameras with a wide angle 3.6mm lens. The lenses are user adjustable in case you need to focus on something very close or very far.

4 Channel Real Time DVR Included

The DVR included in this package takes care of your viewing, recording, and playback.  It has built-in motion detection recording to minimize wasted recording.  All of the recording and playback is handled through the DVR.  Recordings are stored to the included 1 Tb hard drive.  Easily record continuously, on motion, or on a schedule.  You can learn more about the DVR by clicking here.

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Furthermore, all of our packages contain the same high quality equipment you can purchase individually on other pages. We do not have a special line of lesser quality products we only sell in packages.

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