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Compact size, overall measurements: 3-7/8" tall x 1-1/4" wide x 5/8" thick.

Yes, you read right. This phone recorder will record up to 22 hours of telephone messages or conversation. It will automatically advance itself to the next numbered message after phone is hung up (Mode B, there must be approx. a 10 second pause between phone calls). This allows every phone call to be labeled separately within a message folder. There are 4 message folders, A, B, C, D. Each folder is able to hold 99 messages.

When in "Mode B", each recorded message is numbered separately. When a message folder fills up to capacity (99 messages), simply advance it to the next message folder (B, C, or D). Phones calls are time-date stamped when viewing on computer with included software.

When recording in "Mode A" phone calls are not separated within a message folder.

Completely silent and voice activated when used as phone recorder or as a room recorder. No annoying beeps or clicks, no noise when full or shutting off. All of the phones in your house will sound and operate exactly the same as before. The DPR-22 will not record over itself. When unit is full you must delete messages.

One unit will monitor all the phones in your home. It does need to be connected to a phone, It can plug directly into any standard modular phone jack in your home. The DPR-22 can be plugged into any phone jack in your house--whether it be a vacant phone jack or in conjunction with an answering machine or existing phone It will work with all phones--cordless, speaker phones, headsets, etc.

Complete package includes: AC power adapter, earbud, external microphone, all acc. needed to plug into phone jack,and 2 AAA batteries.
Options: are battery pack and storage case. The battery pack holds 2 "D" batteries and allows unit to operate for over 1 week continously (168+ hours). This means it does not have to be plugged into ac power supply to operate around the clock for a week.

Special Note: The DPR-22, DPR-45, and DPR-90 have identical features. The only difference is storage capacity.

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  • 64 Meg Memory
  • MP3 Player
  • USB Interface (cable included)
  • Repeat Play Function
  • ARS 2-mode Automatic Recording (Mode A, Mode B)
  • Real Time Stop
  • Alarm Clock & Timer Recording Function
  • Auto Power off option
  • Scan Search Function
  • Monitoring Function
  • USB Storage Device (mini hard drive)
  • Battery or AC powered

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