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Turn Your Computer Into a Video Surveillance System

Turn YOUR Computer Into a Surveillance System! View your cameras LIVE through the Internet
using your DSL or Cable Modem internet connection!

Click here for a live internet viewing demo!

Our real-time 16 channel DVR card allows you to have a digital based surveillance system for less than you might think. This is an 16 channel video 480 frames per second real time DVR card. This DVR Card requires 2 PCI slots on your Windows PC motherboard. Our SSC-480-16 DVR card is video only. There is no audio capability.

Motion Detection, Scheduled, or Continuous Recording

You may set each camera's settings individually. These settings include the recording schedule, motion detection area, and picture quality. You can combine color, black and white or wireless cameras on this card. All of the DVR software is included! Our realtime dvr cards are stackable! This means you can upgrade your system simply by purchasing another card and installing it into another vacant pci slot on your motherboard.

H.264 High Quality Video

These cards encode in H.264 compression quality.  This is the top of the line in live and recorded footage.  This means that whenever you view your cameras using the DVR card it will be crisp, clear, and sharp.  Colors will be more vibrant with better contrast.  You can't find better video quality than H.264.

The recorded video is all watermarked for security and timedate stamped. You may lock the program so that it cannot be minimized or closed ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.

View Your Cameras Remotely From Another Computer

You are also able to view all of your cameras live over the internet from any computer in the world! You can view both live footage and recorded footage. Simply type the IP address of your surveillance computer into the computer your are viewing from. This is the same thing as typing in a website address. A broadband internet connection (cable modem, DSL, etc) is highly recommended for Internet viewing.

The included MultiConnect software allows you to connect to several different locations simultaneously and view them on one screen over the internet.  This feature is great for businesses with multiple locations or offices where you would like to see cameras from all of them at the same time on one screen. For example, if you have 4 different stores, you can view every store's cameras on one screen simultaneously from anywhere else in the world.

Set up different accounts with different privileges. Specify which user can view which cameras.

Export Recorded Footage to CD or DVD

Easily export the recorded video to .exe executable files. Once exported to the .exe file, it can easily be emailed, burned to a CD, uploaded to a website. The .exe files can play on ANY Windows-based computer without having to download any additional software, drivers, or codecs. Simply open the file, and it's playing. And don't forget that all the video is timedate stamped.

Upgradable - Buy One Card Now and One Card Later

These cards are upgradable and combinable. You may purchase one 16 channel  real-time card now and then purchase another 16 camera card later on as your budget permits or your surveillance needs expand. You can also combine this 16 camera real time with a 4 channel card or an 8 channel card. Mix and match depending on your amount of pci slots on your pc.

This a simple to use economically priced real time DVR card, perfect for the small business or home owner. The minimum computer requirements are hardly worth mentioning. Windows PC and a PCI slot. If you are not satisfied with this DVR card or it does not operate properly in your Windows PC, you can return it for an upgrade to a Geovision DVR card. The only semi requirement for a pc is some people do have to upgrade to a full blown video card if their pc only has on board video. Then we recommend you upgrade to a video card such as a GeForce FX5200 or equivalent.

Click Here to see Screen shots of the DVR Application
Note: This is a large page (~800Kb) and may take a few moments to load).

Card Features

  • 16 Channel Realtime DVR Card
  • 30fps per channel
  • H.264 Encoding
  • Configurable color independently for each channel
  • Time watermark for recorded files
  • All video timedate stamped (both live and recorded)
  • Remote Internet View--View Live AND Recorded Footage remotely through the internet
  • Internet MultiConnect - View DVR cards from several different locations all on one screen over the internet. Great for businesses with multiple locations
  • Recording Modes
    • Auto, Manual, Scheduled, Motion detection
  • Digital Photo: When playback, support photo capture in BMP file format
  • Support Administrator and Ordinary User operation scale
  • View only by authorized users
  • Supports both video and audio
  • Support encapsulating for individual screen, that is, recording without surveillance
  • View all your cameras live on one screen
  • View any or all of your cameras on one screen while playing back recorded video
  • Recorded video files cannot be editted
  • LAN and Internet for TCP/IP
    • Port: 80, 9000, 9001, 9002 (user-adjustable)
    • Support control from IE, NetPlay, and dynamic IP
  • Operation systems supported
    • Windows ME, 2000 Professional 2000, XP (Pro or Home edition), Vista
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and newer (including Vista)
  • DVR software included
  • Export to .exe executable file for easy portability.

Card Specs

  • Video Resolutions (selectable in software)
    • 640*480
    • 320*240
    • 240*180
  • All 4/8/16 Channels fully real-time (30fps per camera)
  • Audio for All Channels
  • Video compressions (selectable in software)
    • MPEG-4
    • H.264
  • Configurable Compression Rate is typically 30-120Mb Per recording hour per camera
  • User selectable motion detection area for each camera
  • Remote Transmission Modes: PSTN for Modem of 56kbps or above
  • Support Library: DirectX8.0 or above
  • All video timedate stamped (both live and recorded)
  • 4/8 video inputs with BNC Jack connector per card
  • Each card requires its own PCI slot
  • Uses standard PCI slot, NOT PCI Express

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