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Wirelessly Transmit Video & Audio

Up to 1000 ft with this 4-channel transmitter. It is ideal for covert operations or anywhere that size might be an issue. This can be ordered with video only, or with audio and video jacks. The transmitter can be powered by 8 AA batteries or AC power.

Setup is a Snap

Each package comes with a transmitter and receiver.  You will need one transmitter and one receiver for each camera.  Simply plug any of our cameras into the transmitter and plug in the transmitter for power.  The included receiver will connect to your TV, VCR, or DVR. This wireless set-up can be used with any of our cameras.

Each camera requires its own transmitter and receiver. If you only have 1 wireless camera you can connect the receiver directly to your TV or VCR. If you plan to utilize more than 1 wireless camera, then we suggest a quad to connect to your VCR, a DVR Card for your own PC, or a complete computer- based surveillance system if you want to view and/or record multiple cameras simultaneously.

Complete 2.4ghz Coverage--Use Up to 4 In The Same Area

The transmitters and receivers can all be set to one of four channels. 2.412, 2.432, 2.452 or 2.472. This receiver also has an adjustable dial which will cover from 2.40 to 2.4835 in order to use or receive other transmitters.  They are user selectable and you can easily change them.  The four available channels means that you can use up to 4 of these in the same area.  If using less than 4, you can maximize picture quality by using the channel with the best picture.

Wireless transmission is not for everyone. Distance, quality, and ability to transmit wirelessly will depend directly on how many and what kind of obstructions are in the way such as trees, houses, buildings, satellite dishes, wireless routers, 2.4ghz cordless phones, and even cellular towers. If you have any of these in or around your home or office, then begin by only purchasing one wireless unit trying all 4 channels for quality of reception.

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Product Specifications and Features

4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter12 Volts DC
4-channel receiver7.5 volts DC
Standard rangeup to 1000 feet line of sight
AntennaOmni directional antenna
Transmitter Dimensions2.0" x 0.5" x 0.5"
Weight25 grams
Operating Temperature14F to 130F
Channel Frequency2412, 2452, 2432, 2472
Package IncludesTransmitter
AC power supply
Cables to connect receiver to VCR or TV.

Package Includes

AC power supply
Cables to connect receiver to VCR or TV.

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