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Record high quality video on motion activation. Operate on batteries or AC
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Super Small Camera
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72 Hour Battery Operated Traffic Counting Camera Self-Contained Outdoor Weatherproof Complete Package

The SSC-773CHQ is a weatherproof, self-contained DVR package ideal for traffic counting situations. This extremely versatile digital video recorder, camera, batteries, and all the necessary extras can operate from batteries or AC power. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Contained inside the weatherproof carrying case is a miniature solid-state digital video recorder (DVR). This package utilizes the SSC-758HQ DVR which can be purchased separately if you do not need this entire package. This entire package can operate on 12 volts DC batteries or household voltage when using the included power supply. We do also include 2-9 amp heavy-duty RECHARGEABLE 12-volt batteries to power the DVR and the included high-resolution camera.

Camera Included

  • SSC-773CHQ  included camera is a 600 line color camera with a .01 lux rating. It is ideal for daytime or evening monitoring. The 3 extra lenses that are included allow you to change from a very wide view to a very narrow view.
  • SSC-773XHQ  included camera is a 420 line B/W camera with a .0003 lux rating. This is ideal for evening or nighttime monitoring. The 3 extra lenses that are included allow you to change from a very wide view to a very narrow view.

High-Quality D1 Recording On Included DVR

DVR records in H.264 quality. It records at D1 704x480 at 30fps. All recorded footage is stored to a full size SD card. Please look at bottom of page for entire specs of the DVR board.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording means that it can easily be set to only record when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may set it to record continuously if desired.
  • Schedule Record: The third method of recording is scheduled record. The menu will also allow you to select which hours of the day you want to record, whether it be continuous, motion activated, not at all, or any combination thereof.

All recorded events are stored to an SD card (2 ea. 16Gb SD cards included). You may also purchase extra rechargeable batteries for uninterrupted surveillance. Simply swap out the dead batteries with the freshly charged batteries every few days. Swap out your SD card, and continue your surveillance.

This DVR package has a 50-foot power/video cable connected to it. This allows you to have the bullet camera up to 50 feet away from the DVR, making camera mounting ideal while still being able to conceal the DVR storage case and batteries. The cable and camera are both removable in order for you to use different cameras and cables if the need arises.

Easy Operation

When the unit is powered up, it will automatically go into the motion-activated record mode. Or, it can be programmed with different preferences via the included remote control. The remote control enables the user to arm/disarm the event recording process or record events manually. The unit will automatically arm again if power is lost while armed. Recorded information is stored on an SD card (2 ea. 16Gb SD cards included).

Playback Video on TV or Computer

The recorded events are easily viewed by simply removing the Memory Card from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card Reader connected to a PC. There is also a "video out" jack on the recorder for you to connect directly to a TV if you wish.

Battery Operated - Great for Remote Surveillance

This is an ideal solution for recording outdoors or indoors when you don't have access to power. The SSC-773C will operate for 72 when using both batteries. The 2 included batteries can be charged hundreds of times. Purchase extra batteries if you wish for quick swappable action to minimize surveillance down time.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

SD Card
Recording time at 30fps
Recording time at 15fps  Recording time at 10fps  Recording time at 5fps Recording time at 1fps
 16Gb 64 Hours
128 Hours
192 Hours
 384 Hours
1920 Hours
 32Gb 128 Hours
 256 Hours
 384 Hours
768 Hours
3840 Hours
Units have user-adjustable frame rates. Frame rates mean FPS (frames per second).  The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video, the higher the quality of the video, and the faster the consumption of memory. A lower or slower frame rate means fewer FPS which equates to a longer recording time per Gb of storage.

This unit can also be set to overwrite.  The overwrite option allows the unit to record indefinitely for weeks or months on its own.  Overwriting will automatically record over the oldest footage to maintain a video record of your most recent video surveillance. When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.

Keep in mind that no matter what frame rate is used or how much recording takes place, the batteries will power the unit (DVR and camera) for roughly 3 days per charge.

This package is totally complete with camera--you won't need anything else. The battery life advertised relates to the included bullet camera. We have included the highest resolution and lowest light camera we offer. Also note this package is NOT waterproof or submersible--it is only weatherproof to repel rain and moisture.

Package Includes


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