Security Cameras

Here at Advance Security, we specialize in Security Cameras of every model and style. Whether you're looking for a wired or a wireless  camera, you'll be sure to find the camera that suits your needs, at a cost you can afford. We have the security equipment you want and need.

Make Your Camera Wireless: Any of these cameras can be made wireless by adding the "Wireless Upgrade".  Adding the wireless upgrade will add a transmitter and receiver to your order.

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Infrared Cameras
  • HD and Analog Cameras
  • Infrared is best for low light viewing
  • Different lenses and field of views available
  • Completely weatherproof
Bullet Cameras
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Smaller than infrared cameras
  • Different lenses and field of views available
  • Low power consumption
Dome Cameras
  • HD and Analog Cameras
  • Some models vandalproof
  • Different lenses and field of views available
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
Pinhole Cameras
  • HD and Analog Cameras
  • Low power consumption
  • Different lenses and field of views available
  • Very small size
  • Indoor Cameras
Box Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • CS Mount Lenses
  • Housings
PAL Cameras

PAL cameras are typically used in Europe. All of the PAL cameras we have will be found here.


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The Top Benefits of Security Cameras

As camera technology gets more advanced in scope, smaller in size, more affordable, and more widely available, numerous security concerns and challenges have arisen. Many people are wondering if these cameras have any advantages, or if they're simply an invasion of privacy and provide no real security benefit or enhancement in the areas in which they've been installed.

The good news is that security cameras are hardly an invasion of privacy, and are a much-needed improvement for law enforcement officials in high-crime (or potentially high-crime) areas. They even help enhance homeland security and dissuade terrorist acts in major metropolitan areas and near major cultural events and landmarks.

The Benefits of a Security Camera Installation, Explained

There are several real-world examples of security camera systems making a difference in the lives of both law enforcement professionals and average citizens in everyday scenarios. These situations are common all throughout the country and the world and their increased occurrence is what keeps officials demanding more cameras in more places.

1. The Chicago Transit Authority's Big Gamble on Security Cameras

Chicago has long been known for several key things: its pizza, its gangsters, and its crime rate. In an effort to combat what was widely seen as a plague of violent crime and theft on the city's mass transit line, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel ordered an additional 1,500 security cameras installed throughout the Chicago Transit Authority's elevated train platforms and subway stations.

The cameras provide multiple key views of each station to law enforcement professionals. Largely because of this massive installation of security cameras, Chicago's police were able to see (and apprehend) a man who had recently been suspected of stabbing a woman in one of the city's many hotels. The cameras not only served as a deterrent to new crimes, but an effective way of prosecuting crimes which had already occurred elsewhere in the city.

2. A Security Camera Policy Reduces Costs and Staff Needs

Another added benefit of Chicago's boost in video surveillance and security was that Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was able to order a 10 percent reduction in Chicago Transit Authority staff levels. That saves the city, and the transit agency, tens of millions of dollars on an annual basis and boosts the efficiency of the entire security camera systems at large. With an additional 3,000 installations planned in the future, the CTA is enthusiastic about the overall cost-to-benefit ratio of its recent security plans.

3. Residential Security Cameras Can Benefit Patient Health

Ninety-three-year-old Ted Powis was living in a retirement home when he fatally fell down a staircase in the building and remained unnoticed for hours. It's likely that this elderly gentleman's life could have been saved if the retirement community had invested in a home security camera system that monitored key trouble spots for resident safety.

While most people traditionally associate these cameras with public safety and security, they're actually quite useful for ensuring safety (and access to help) in private living environments as well. Perhaps it is for this reason that house security cameras are more popular with consumers and residential communities than they have ever been.

4. Super Security for the Super Bowl as Mandated by the Department of Homeland Security

Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl XLVI in the city's Lucas Oil Stadium on Feb. 5, 2012. That building was already covered by nearly 300 camera points, but the city increased that number by 100 percent in the weeks and months preceding. Because the Super Bowl has a Special Event Assessment Rating of 1 (the highest level) by the Department of Homeland Security, they doubled the number of security camera points focused on the building and its spectators from 291 to 600. The cameras were also installed throughout Georgia Street, which passes by the stadium and is the primary artery for accessing both the stadium and its associated parking facilities.

Not Simply an Invasion of Privacy

It's easy to go with the common opinion that cameras are simply an invasion of privacy, but consumers and citizens need to be aware that, more often than not, these small cameras ensure safety from terrorist attacks or incidents, provide safety and emergency attention to elderly or infirm individuals, and help catch criminals and thieves while a crime is in progress or has been recently committed. These cameras are an essential way to ensure safety and security in valuable public spaces.