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School Bus Camera System

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Complete package with camera, microphone, cabling, and DVR for buses
Armor Dome Weatherproof Camera
SSC-1116 Microphone
30 ft. Power Audio Video Cable
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Included DVR
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Armor Dome Camera, Microphone and 12 Volt DVR for Mobile Applications

The SSC-SBCAMDIR school bus camera surveillance systems are becoming more needed than ever. They protect the students, the bus driver, and even the bus itself. Our outdoor model can legally record the vehicles passing the bus. Time date stamped footage prevents arguments and holds up in court very well.  Our indoor school bus camera includes a color surveillance camera, a 15 foot power/audio/video  cable, a microphone, and a real-time H.264 DVR that can record video and audio.

The system connects directly to the buses' 12VDC power system.  You can choose to have it record continuously, on motion detection or not at all, or by the hour.  Recordings are stored to an SD card inside of the DVR.  You could easily store 1 week of recordings on the included 8GB SD card.  When full, it will simply overwrite the oldest recordings so you will always have the last week of recordings on your card. The included 8GB SD card can record for around a week at 10fps.  Larger cards are available separately above. A USB card reader is also included to make viewing and downloading to a computer very simple.

This system is also audio capable. If the laws in your area do not allow audio recording, it can be very easily disabled by not connecting a microphone.  Using the included components, you can record both video and audio. 

The dome camera package has an armor dome with built-in infrared LEDs to see in the dark. They turn on automatically in the dark and provide excellent viewing at night.  The dome camera is a vandal-resistant weatherproof camera.

The SBCAMDIR package is becoming very popular in replacing old, outdated systems that have been using time-lapse VCRs for surveillance. An 8 gb SD card can store much more than a VHS tape ever could. Besides that, now the events of a day's travel are broken down in time and date stamped video clips for much quicker access.
SSC-SBCAMDIR Indoor model includes the 4 Items Below. Click on the links to view the products
  • SSC-111AR-IRVB 3.6mm vandal proof armor dome color camera
  • SSC-1116 Microphone
  • CA-15A - The 15-foot power/audio/video cable allows you to place the camera and mic wherever you need it to be.
  • SSC-758HQ DVR 12 volt portable dvr with time date stamped recorded footage and SD card storage

Outdoor model includes the 3 Items Below. Click on the links to view the products

  • SSC-111AR-IRVB adjustable lens weatherproof armor dome color camera with 2.8 to 12mm varifocal lens
  • CA-50 power video cable 50 foot long
  • SSC-758HQ DVR 12 volt portable dvr with time date stamped recorded footage and SD card storage

Protect Yourself Legally

Parents will do just about anything to protect their children.  Having video surveillance in school buses is one way you can help.  If there is ever an incident on a bus, you can offer an unbiased video account of whatever happened.

Bulk Discounts Available

If you are looking to equip several buses at one time, we do offer bulk purchase discounts.  We accept purchase orders from schools, school districts, and most government agencies.  These systems are easily installed and very versatile.

H.264 D1 Resolution 704 X 480 Recorded Video

Excellent video quality. The recorded video taken with this camera is the best you will find in a hidden camera. All footage is time and date stamped so you know exactly when it took place. Use for crisp, clear, color video that is ready for lawyers, police, or simply your own internal evidence of events.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording allows you to easily record only when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may also set it to record continuously if desired by the hour or 24/7 round the clock.
  • Schedule Record: The third method of recording is scheduled record. The menu allows you to select exactly which hours of the day you want to record whether it be continuous, motion activated, or not at all. 
In addition you may also select the overwrite feature which will overwrite the oldest footage when SD card is full. This way it will never stop recording and you will always have the newest footage.  All recordings are time-date stamped and stored to hidden SD card.  Unit will accept up to a 32Gb SD card.

DVR Supports Pre-recording

This means that when programmed for motion-detection recording the DVR is smart enough to provide from 1 to 5 seconds of recording before the actual event begins.  This feature allows you never to miss the very beginning of the crime.

Playback Video on TV or Computer

This unit can connect to TV for playback via the video out jack or to a computer via the included USB card reader.  Recordings can easily be transferred to a computer where they can be emailed, uploaded to a website, uploaded to You Tube, or archived on your computer.  All hardware and software needed for TV and computer viewing are included.

No special software needed for video playback. Video plays back through standard media player software (such as Windows Media Player).

Record footage at Full D1. 704 X 480 resolution allows for crystal-clear, full-screen video on your TV or computer monitor.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

SD Card Recording time at 30fps Recording time at 15fps Recording time at 10fps Recording time at 5fps Recording time at 1fps
16Gb 64 Hours 128 Hours 192 Hours 384 Hours 1920 Hours
32Gb 128 Hours 256 Hours 384 Hours 768 Hours
3840 Hours

Units have user-adjustable frame-rates. Higher frame-rates mean smoother video but shorter recording times per gb of storage.  Lower frame-rates mean less smooth video but longer recording times per gb of storage.

Unit can be set to overwrite.  When set to overwrite, it will record over the oldest footage first when the SD card is full. Overwrite allows the unit to run for weeks or months on its own.  When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.

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