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Demos and Tools

Deluxe Embedded DVR Internet Viewing Demo

Our line of deluxe embedded DVRs allows you to view the cameras live over the internet, as well as view recorded footage.

Viewing is done through Flash, so it will work on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other Windows and Macintosh/Apple browsers.

Click the link above to load the demo.

Username: admin
Password: <blank>(as in leave it blank)

---This demo is from our Embedded DVRs.

FOV and Lense Calculator

This tool allows you to determine what lense and FOV (field of view) you need by inputting your viewing requirements into an online calculator.


The videos we have fall into several categories. They all stream into your web browser--no downloading required. Some are sample video--as in videos taken with our products. Some are promotional videos--explaining the differences between our products and how they work. We also offer Tutorial/Instructional videos showing and explaining how to do things--such as installing ends on Siamese cable.

Camera Sample & Lux Comparison

This tool compares our cameras using actual picture samples to give you an idea of how the cameras will perfom in the light and dark and how LUX affects the low light picture quality.

Geovision Live Remote View Demo

Geovision software allows for live viewing of your cameras over the internet from anywhere else in the world.
Username: user
Password: user
---This demo corresponds to the Geovision DVR cards and Geovision DVR Systems.

Advance DVR Card Live Remote View Demo

Our own Advance DVR card also allows you to view your cameras live over the internet. It is the most economical route to viewing cameras over the internet.
Username: guest
Password: guest
---This demo is from our Advance DVR cards.

Remote Connection Tool

This tool allows us to temporarily connect to your computer. We sometimes do this for tech support with the customer's permission. It allows us to quickly and easily fix computer issues.

VLC Media Player

This is our suggested media player. It is 100% free and plays a much larger variety of files than Windows Media Player. If you ever have trouble playing a file, try this media player as it is much more likely it will play.

Codec Information Appliance

If you ever need a codec or think you need a codec then this program will help you. It tells you exactly what video or audio codecs a file needs to play and if your computer has it or not. It is 100% free.