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Single Channel DVR Runs on Battery Or AC Power

Our SSC-758HQ-N is a single channel DVR that is ideal for any number of uses.  Works with any analog camera. It can run off of batteries (12VDC) or use the included AC power supply for long term usage.  Choose from different recording modes to suit your needs including always on, schedule, and motion detection recording. Max 64Gb SD card.  DVR includes advanced features like scheduling, pre-record, and post record.

Small Size

The DVR is built inside of a durable plastic enclosure.  The enclosure measures 6 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches.  This small size allows unprecedented ease of installation.

High Quality Recording

Record at full D1 30fps quality.  This means you will have a high resolution video clip that is smooth and fluid.  All recordings are timedate stamped and stored to the included SD card (64Gb max).  Recording settings are user-adjustable if desired.

Fast Setup

All DVR programming is geared towards ease of use.  It has the advantage of doing the most common recording methods quickly and easily with no muss and no fuss.  The most common recording methods (power up recording and motion detection recording) can be set in just a few button presses on the remote.

Advanced Features

In addition to the fast setup, there are many advanced features to tweak your setup if desired.
  • Motion detection recording
  • Schedule recording
  • Power on recording
  • Overwrite loop recording
  • 4 programmable schedules for recording
  • Pre Record
  • Post Record
  • Supports up to 64Gb SD card
  • 12VDC voltage support
  • Adjustable recording frame-rate
  • Adjustable recording quality
  • Playback on TV or computer

H.264 D1 Resolution 704 X 480 Recorded Video

Excellent video quality. The recorded video taken with this camera is the best you will find in a hidden camera. All footage is time and date stamped so you know exactly when it took place. Use for crisp, clear, color video that is ready for lawyers, police, or simply your own internal evidence of events.  All video is timedate stamped.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording allows you to easily record only when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may also set it to record continuously if desired by the hour or 24/7 round the clock.
  • Schedule Record: 4 independent schedules may be programmed

DVR Supports Pre-recording

This means that when programmed for motion-detection recording the DVR is smart enough to provide recording before the actual event begins.  This feature allows you never to miss the very beginning of the crime.

Playback Video on TV or Computer

This unit can connect to TV for playback via the video out jack or to a computer via the included USB card reader.  Recordings can easily be transferred to a computer where they can be emailed, uploaded to a website, uploaded to You Tube, or archived on your computer.  All hardware and software needed for TV and computer viewing are included.

No special software needed for video playback. Video plays back through standard media player software (such as Windows Media Player).

Record footage at Full D1. 704 X 480 resolution allows for crystal-clear, full-screen video on your TV or computer monitor.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

Units have user-adjustable frame-rates. Higher frame-rates mean smoother video but shorter recording times per gb of storage.  Lower frame-rates mean less smooth video but longer recording times per gb of storage.

Unit can be set to overwrite.  When set to overwrite, it will record over the oldest footage first when the SD card is full. Overwrite allows the unit to run for weeks or months on its own.  When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.
Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Product Specifications and Features

SSC-758HQ-N DVRSpecs
Frame rate5FPS/15FPS/30FPS
Video CompressionMpeg-4
Video File FormatASF
Audio FormatPCM/16Kbz
StorageSD Card(2GB - 64GB)
Record ModePower On/Manual/Motion detection/Schedule
Working VoltageDC12V
Working Current12V@0.15A
Schedule Recording4 programmable schedules
Motion Detection MaskingYes
Pre RecordYes
Post RecordYes
Size6" x 4" x 2"
Package IncludesSingle Channel Battery Operated DVR
Wireless remote
AC power supply
16Gb SD card
USB card reader
Instruction manual
Misc fittings bag
RCA Patch Cable

Package Includes

Single Channel Battery Operated DVR
Wireless remote
AC power supply
16Gb SD card
USB card reader
Instruction manual
Misc fittings bag
RCA Patch Cable

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