Audio Surveillance Systems

Our wide variety of audio surveillance devices allow you to easily record your phone conversations.  Whether you want to record your home phone, business phone, or cell phone, we have the recorder you need. We also have a wide variety of microphones, room recorders, and other audio surveillance equipment.

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deluxe surveillance microphone
Indoor Outdoor High Gain Microphone

High-Gain Amplified Line-Level Microphone Operates anywhere between 9 and 12 volts DC. Use a 9-volt alkaline battery or the included wall outlet power...

Price: $29.95

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digital phone recorder
Digital Voice Telephone Recorder

Deluxe Top-of-The-Line Phone Call & Room Recorder  This digital voice recorder records up to 250 hours auto­matically on voice activation....

Price: $199.95

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record 2000 phone numbers
Phone Manager Plus

Store Information on Thousands of Calls This is Caller ID like you've never seen.  It stores thousands of numbers - incoming and outgoing - and their...

Price: $29.95

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room monitor
Remote Listening Room Monitor

Remotely Monitor Your Home or Office Remotely monitor audio in your home or office in real time from anywhere in the world through any touch-tone phone!!!...

Price: $269.60

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cell phone recorder
Mobile Phone Recorder - Record cell phone conversations

Record Your Cell Phone Conversations With Ease Our cell phone recorder allows you to easily record your cell phone conversations.  There are no wires...

Price: $229.95

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bionic ear
Parabolic Ear Listening Device

Listen To Sounds From 100 Yards Away With this device, you can magnify faint or distant sounds with a clarity you never thought possible. Detect animal...

Price: $249.35

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Our business is based on your security. We are proud of our audio surveillance products because of the many benefits they offer. Individuals or businesses can accurately record sales, orders, and conversations for training or legal purposes. Like all our audio surveillance systems, our phone recorders are very easy to install, they simply just plug into a standard modular jack.

Please be aware that these recorders will not operate on a Digital multi-line phone system without the use of additional hardware.   These systems are primarily used by companies. Our recorders must operate under an analog signal, usually through home phone lines.

Voice-activated recorders will use power (battery power or AC) while waiting for a call. We carry a hand-held phone recorder that features a voice-activated system which starts and stops by the detection of a voice. This prevents wasted tape usage during pauses. These phone recorders work on any single, multi-line, analog/digital PBX system, and any phone with a modular handset cord.

WARNING: In no way will we be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products. All of our audio products are meant to be used in a legal manner. Check with your local law enforcement for the laws in your area. Audio devices should never be used in a surreptitious manner.