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Digital Voice Telephone Recorder

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Part Number:DPR-250HQ2Price:$199.95

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Record phone calls and room conversations with ease. Manually record or use voice activation for automatic recording
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Deluxe Top-of-The-Line Phone Call & Room Recorder  

This digital voice recorder records up to 250 hours automatically on voice activation. It works on AA batteries or AC power supply (both included).

Compact size, overall measurements: 3-7/8" ” tall x 1-1/4" wide x 5/8" thick.

Record Phone Calls or Room Conversations

This Deluxe, Voice-activated, digital voice recorder with Auto Advance can be used to record both sides of the conversation on both incoming and outgoing phone conversations. Or, it can be used to record normal room conversations. It can be set to be voice activated (ARS) or continuous record.

It cannot be set to record room conversations and also phone conversations at the same. It only records one or the other. The small size of unit allows it to be hidden quite easily.

Huge Storage Capacity

This audio phone room recorder can also record in MP3 and WAVE file format. Wave or wav file format will use 3 hours per Gb. MP3 will consume 1 Gb per 35 hours.

When recording normal phone conversations or room conversations you can attain up to 139 hours per gigabyte of memory.

When using this recorder connected to an analog telephone, it will automatically advance itself to the next numbered message after the phone is hung up (Mode B). This allows every message to be labeled separately within a message folder. Each of these messages is time/date stamped. There are 4 message folders, A-D. Each folder is able to hold 256 messages. The unit will automatically advance to the next folder if selected folder becomes full.

When in "Mode B", each recorded message is numbered separately. Phones calls are time/date stamped when viewing on the unit or when transferred over to computer via the included USB connector and software.

When recording in "Mode A," phone calls are not separated within a message folder.  The recorded messages can be played back using the internal speaker (while it's right in your hand) or download to a computer to listen, email, upload to a website, etc. Recorded audio could be imported into iTunes and played on your iPod.

Power By Batteries or Included AC Power Supply

Recorder can be powered by 2 AAA batteries or by included AC power supply.

Easy Message Playback

Recordings can be played back in 1 of 3 ways:
  • Through the unit's internal speaker.  This allows easy playback of recordings while the unit is right in your hand
  • Using the included earbuds for privacy
  • On your computer

Automatic Voice Activated Recording - Starts and Stops With Sound

Completely silent and voice activated

When used either as a phone conversation recorder or as a room recorder, there are no annoying beeps or clicks--completely silent on both ends of the line, no noise when full or shutting off. All of the phones in your house will sound and operate exactly the same as before. The DPR-HQ will not record over itself. When unit is full you must delete messages.

Connects to Any Analog Wall Jack On Your Phone Line To Record All Calls on That Line

One unit will monitor all the phones in your home. It does not need to be connected directly to any particular phone.  It can plug directly into any standard modular phone jack in your home or in conjunction with an answering machine or existing phone. It will NOT work VOIP or Magic Jack telephones.

Transfer Recordings to Your Computer

 Recordings can easily be transferred to your computer using the included USB cable.  Recorded files are either MP3 or WAV file format (depending on settings). All software and hardware needed for computer usage are included--there is nothing else to buy.  This unit works on Windows 98 and newer (including Vista).  It also works on Mac computers.


  • 250 hour recorder with 2gb built in memory
  • Records in MP3 format
  • Records in WAVE format
  • MP3 Player
  • Stereo playback
  • Transfer recorded audio to computer via USB (cable and software included)
  • Repeat and Shuffle playback function
  • FM radio playback and recording
  • ARS (Sound activated recording)
    • 2-mode Automatic Recording (Mode A, Mode B)
  • Alarm Clock & Timer Recording Function
  • Auto Power Off option
  • Scan Search Function
  • Monitoring Function
  • USB Storage Device (mini hard drive)
  • Battery or AC powered (both included)
  • Time/Date stamp
  • 5 EQ settings
  • Sleep timer
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and newer (including Vista and Windows 7)
  • Mac compatible (OS 9 and newer)
Note: This unit will not function with Vonage, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Cox, Magic jack or any other type of digital internet-based VOIP telephone lines in a covert manner. This also includes multi-phone number applications such as when a telephone has multiple phone numbers and hold buttons. You must purchase the handset/headset adapter available above and it must be connected directly to a non-cordless phone. Only that one phone with the adapter connected to the receiver will be monitored. You will then be able to monitor only that one non-cordless phone when you pick up the handset receiver to that telephone.

They only way this phone conversation recorder will work covertly is if you have an analog phone system such as AT&T, Southwestern Bell, or a phone system that is not internet-based or a bundled package with your internet service.

Package Includes

  • Phone Room Recorder
  • AC power adapter
  • Stereo earbuds
  • External microphone
  • All accessories needed to plug into phone jack
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • USB cable and software for use with PC
  • External FM antenna
  • Cell-phone adapter to record your cell phone conversations (must physically connect to phone's 2.5mm headset jack)
  • Handstrap
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