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Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras and Accessories

Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras are cameras that can be moved left to right, up and down, and zoom in and out via a computer, DVR, or PTZ joystick. This type of surveillance camera is often found at retail stores and allows the operator to follow a person as they move about or to zoom in on someone's face, a license plate, a cash register, etc.

Advance Security offers indoor, outdoor, and internet protocol (IP) cameras, each dome camera provides full-color surveillance images. Let the staff at Advance Security help you decide on the right surveillance camera for your needs.

weatherproof speeddome
Rugged Outdoor PTZ with 27X Optical Zoom Capability This rugged outdoor pan tilt zoom camera boasts a...

mini ptz camera
High-­Resolu­tion Color PTZ Camera This is a high-­resolu­tion, 520 lines COLOR Sony...

deluxe ptz joystick
Deluxe PTZ Joystick Controller This is our top of the line PTZ controller. Easily control your PTZ...

rs232-rs485 adapter
If you are using a PTZ camera with a Windows computer then you need this adapter. This allows you to...

camera balun
Run Video or Video + Data (PTZ Cameras) Over Normal EthernetRun video wires up to 1500 ft using our video...

ptz pole mount
PTZ Pole Mount The pole mount bracket is strong and fully weather­proof. It is made out of steel...

ptz corner mount
This is an outdoor mounting bracket that can be used for CCTV and IP security cameras, security camera...

ptz pendant mount
PTZ Ceiling Pendant MountPTZ pendant mount allows the mounting of PTZ cameras to the ceiling. This top...

Construction Site Theft

Construction theft is estimated at roughly $1 billion annually.  An estimated 500 pieces of construction equipment go missing each week in the United States—bad news is that only 10-15% is ever recovered. Construction site theft has been increasing by approximately 10%annually since 1996, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Due to this alarming statistic, some insurance companies are actively denying claims made in regards to construction site property.

 As the values of raw materials and supplies increase, it is reasonable to expect that if left unaddressed, construction site theft will continue to increase.  The loss of materials, supplies, and equipment from construction sites leads to delays,down time, increased insurance rates, and damaged company reputations. Pan tilt zoom cameras have very broad coverage of yards, fields and parking lots to mention a few.

 Construction site security is one important consideration many people overlook during planning stages. A PTZ camera has “presets”. This means it can be programmed to move and record to at least 64 different locations automatically.  A reliable construction security service contributes significantly towards the cost implications, since construction sites are prone to theft and vandalism.  Thieves and vandals aren’t likely to send an advance warning to let you know they’ll be stopping by.  Therefore, monitoring and control of construction sites can present multiple obstacles to site owners and management.  Sites are often times located in remote locations.  Some are very large and often are left unattended for long periods of time. These are just a few reasons why construction site security is such a challenge and these obstacles can be even more daunting.

 Lighting reduces construction site crime, however, if placed incorrectly, intruders are known to take advantage of glare.  There are numerous reports of thieves using poorly positioned security lights to their advantage.  Additionally, thieves can and will cut power lines, so power lines should be positioned at a height of 24 feet or higher.  Electric meter boxes can also be targets, therefore they also need to be protected, or an additional power source needs to be available. A PTZ pan tilt zoom camera can be connected to a Windows computer and accessed remotely via the Internet and viewed on your office pc or even your Smart phone.

 Remote video cameras are the most efficient and cost effective means of monitoring construction sites.  Cameras ensure that nothing is undetected—the site is under constant watch.  Live video surveillance is also beneficial since it is often times difficult to effectively cover grounds through patrols.  Remote video monitoring, when compared to live guard services, provides a cost effective way to monitor on-site surveillance.   Cameras also have the ability to cover a larger area, making it more effective than live guard services.

 Advance Security’s surveillance video cameras also allow you to choose a monitoring option to obtain video footage that best suits your needs—(1) only motion-activated  (2)programmed with designated/specific times to record,  or (3)  24/7, around-the-clock footage.  The cameras feature rugged, sealed housings for safe use in a dirty, muddy, and wet construction environment.  They also provide infrared illumination,enabling you to see clearly in the dark.

 Multiple cameras allow you to see multiple construction projects at once.  And when one construction project is done, the cameras can be easily moved and set up in anew, different location.

 By using a well designed surveillance security system as part of a comprehensive security plan, you can regain control of your assets and your construction site.  Advance Security has very effective solutions which allow construction company owners to take a stand against construction site theft.

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