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High Definition Multiple Camera System For School Buses with Microphone and 12 Volt HD DVR

School bus camera surveillance systems are becoming more needed than ever. SSC-2SBCAMDIR-HD protects the students, the bus driver, and even the bus itself. Our school bus camera systems can record the events taking place in your bus. Time date stamped footage prevents arguments and holds up in court very well.  Our school bus camera system includes  high definition HD 1080p color surveillance cameras that can see in the dark, power/audio/video cables, microphones and a 2 channel HD DVR  that can record video and audio. HD recordings require more storage space than analog recording. We do not include any SD card with this package. Please purchase your own 128gb SD cards.

The system connects directly to the buses' 12VDC power system.  You can choose to have it record continuously, on motion detection or on power up.  Recordings are stored to an SD card, NO SD CARD INCLUDED ( up to 128gb SD card) inside of the DVR.  You could easily store 3-4 days of recordings on a 128GB SD card.  When full, it will simply overwrite the oldest recordings so you will always have the most recent recordings on your card. 

We highly recommend you purchase a 128gb SD card.

Records Video and Audio

This system is also audio capable. If the laws in your area do not allow audio recording, it can be very easily disabled by not connecting a microphone.  Using the included components, you can record both video and audio. 

The package has armor dome cameras with built-in infrared LEDs to see in the dark. They turn on automatically in the dark and provide excellent viewing at night.  The dome camera is a vandal-resistant weatherproof camera.

Choice of Cameras 

This system will allow you to choose your own cameras if you do not need 2 armor dome cameras. You can pinhole cameras or other smaller cameras if you want. Just call us to change the cameras before shipping.

Protect Yourself Legally 

Parents will do just about anything to protect their children.  Having video surveillance in school buses is one way you can help.  If there is ever an incident on a bus, you can offer an unbiased video account of whatever happened.

Bulk Discounts Available

If you are looking to equip several buses at one time, we do offer bulk purchase discounts.  We accept purchase orders from schools, school districts, and most government agencies.  These systems are easily installed and very versatile.

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