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How To View Your Home or Business Over The Internet

Getting Started - An Overview

If you want to view your home or business over the internet, there is one very important device you will need - A DVR.   This is not a DVR like your Tivo.  This is a security DVR.  You can either convert your computer into a DVR with one of our DVR cards (this is the least expensive route) or purchase a full standalone DVR.

You will not be able to view cameras in your home or business over the internet without DVR technology.

What You Will Need

There are essentially 3 parts to viewing your cameras over the internet
  1. A DVR - You can turn your existing computer into a DVR with a DVR card or purchase a standalone DVR.  You will see your choices on the right side of this page.
  2. Broadband internet access at the DVR's location
  3. Cameras to connect to your DVR.  These can be hard-wired, wireless, security, infrared, indoor, outdoor - it doesn't matter.  You can mix and match the various types as needed.

How It Works

When you have a security DVR (either using your computer or a standalone model), there is software that runs on it.  This software does many things - Viewing, Recording, Motion Detection Recording, Playback, and viewing over the internet.  The software runs a web server.  To access this server - and view your cameras - you will type in the IP address of your DVR in the address bar of Internet Explorer.  You do this the same way you type in "www.yahoo.com", only you will type in "". 

That number is your IP address.  It will be different for each and every computer on the internet.  The one used here is just for an example - yours will be different.  The IP address uniquely identifies each and every computer on the internet. So, by typing in the IP address at the remote location, it makes a request to your DVR computer.  Once you enter in the IP address you can view your cameras.

We are Here to Help

Sometimes it seems overwhelming at first.  Don't worry.  We have thousands of customers from all over the world with many different skill levels - housewives, grandparents, and aerospace engineers - that use these products.  We have live tech support you can call to help figure out what you need or setup what you have purchased.  The important part to remember is that you need either a DVR card or embedded DVR.

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