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How To Secretly Record Video In Your House

Getting Started

Recording video covertly in your home is not very hard at all.  The main component you will need is a hidden camera.  The type of camera we recommend for this is an indoor self contained hidden camera.

What You Will Need

You will need an indoor self contained camera.  Our most popular seller of this type of camera is our air freshener camera.   There are several different types of indoor self contained cameras available as you will find on that category page. 

How It Works - Recording Video

Once you get your self contained camera (notice popular choices for this on the right side of this page), the rest is quite easy.  The camera records to itself - nothing else needed to buy.  It can easily be set to record on motion detection so it will only record when there is some sort of activity taking place.

How It Works - Playing Back Recorded Video

All of the video is stored on flash memory. Depending on the model you get, video is either played back on your computer through the USB port or directly onto a TV.  Either way, it is very simple.

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