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How To Record Your Home Phone Conversations

Getting Started

Recording your home phone conversations is surprisingly easy. 

Here's what you will need
  • One of our phone recorders (see the choices on the right)
  • Access to a phone jack on your line.  This can be ANY jack on the line - used or unused - it doesn't matter.

Choosing the Recorder

We have a few different recorders available.  They differ a in a few ways, but the main difference is the recording capacity.  The deluxe recorder has much higher recording capacities than the economy model.  They all offer voice activated automatic recording.  You can explore the differences by viewing the product pages directly.

Installing the Recorder

Once you have purchased your recorder, you can connect the recorder to ANY jack on your phone line.  You do not have to connect the recorder to the phone that's being used.  You can connect it to any jack on the line - even if it has a phone on it (a splitter is provided).

Recording The Calls

The recorders can be set to voice activation mode.  This means they will record only when the line is in use.  The recorder will start and stop automatically as there are phone calls.  It will record both sides of the conversation on both incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Playing Back Recorded Calls

You can playback the calls in one of three ways.
  • Right in your hand - there is a built-in speaker on the recorders.  Simply hit play and playback begins
  • Using headphones - connect headphones (included) to the headphone jack on the recorder
  • Download to a computer - Connect the recorder to your computer using the included USB cable

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