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How a Wireless Camera Works

What is a Wireless Camera?

A wireless camera consists of a camera, transmitter and receiver. A hidden camera has the transmitter and camera together as 1 piece such as in a clock radio. A wireless IR camera, bullet camera or board camera will have the camera and transmitter fully exposed.

How does a Wireless Camera Work?

A wireless camera sends the video signal wirelessly to the included receiver. A receiver only receives, it does not view or record. This means there is no wire between the camera and the recording device, only between the receiver and recording device. The receiver will have video out jack and must connect to a TV, embedded DVR,  DVR card in your Windows computer or a USB DVR for a Windows laptop.  Once the receiver is connected you will be able to view and/or record video.  Please note that the wireless camera as well as the receiver will require power.  The most common way to power them is to plug them into a standard wall outlet.

How a Wireless Camera is Different than Self Contained or Hard-Wired Camera

Wireless and hard-wired cameras require an external recording device, such as DVR or DVR card.  A self contained camera is different in that it records to itself. It will already have a DVR built into the hidden camera housing along with the camera. When purchasing a wireless camera you will still need something to connect the receiver to to view or record the video.

Can I Just Connect a Wireless Camera to My PC?

Yes but you must first purchase additional hardware. Regular computers cannot accept surveillance video without the use of additional hardware. If you have a Windows desktop or tower computer and a vacant pci slot on your motherboard all you will need is a DVR card.

If you have a Windows laptop then you will need a USB-DVR.

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