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How a Self Contained Camera Works

What is a Self Contained Camera?

A self contained camera is a camera that records to itself.  It does not need any external recording device.  A self contained camera has a DVR and memory inside of it.

How a Self Contained Camera Is Different Than a Wireless or Hard-Wired Camera

Wireless and hard-wired cameras require an external recording device, such as a DVR or DVR card.  A self contained camera is different in that it records to itself.  There is NOTHING else you will need to buy to record the video.

Self Contained Cameras are the Easiest to Setup and Our Most Popular Style of Hidden Cameras

Because of their ease of use and the fact that setup is snap (no external recording device is needed), self contained cameras are our most popular style of hidden cameras.  There is no DVR card, DVR, or anything of the such needed.

Playing Back Recorded Video From a Self Contained Camera

Self contained cameras play recorded video in one of two ways.  The specific product page will show exactly which options are available, but they do either one or both of the following methods.
  • Play it on your TV - There will be a hidden video out jack on the unit.  This will connect to the video input jack on your TV (normally a small round yellow RCA jack)
  • Play it on your Computer - You will connect the device to your computer's USB port to read the memory.

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