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How a Hard Wired Camera Works

What is a Hard Wired Camera?

A hard-wired camera connects to your viewing or recording device with a cable.  There will be a cable run all the way between your camera and the TV, DVR, DVR card, etc.  This is the least expensive route to go.  You will NOT need local power where the camera is at.  You can power it through the cable.  Hard-wired cameras will give you the most reliable picture by far because there is never any interference concerns as with wireless cameras.

How a Hard Wired Camera is Different From a Wireless or Self Contained Camera

Wireless and hard-wired cameras require an external recording device, such as a DVR or DVR card.  A self contained camera is different in that it records to itself.  When purchasing a hard-wired camera you will still need something to connect the receiver to to view or record the video.

Viewing and Recording Video From a Wireless Camera

All hard-wired cameras will have a cable run between them and your viewing or recording device (TV, DVR, DVR card).

  How a Self Contained Camera Works

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