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How To Catch a Cheating Spouse

Hopefully you never find yourself in the situation where you suspect your spouse of cheating.  However, if you ever do, you may want some sort of proof that cheating is taking place.  There are several methods you can use to get your proof.  The methods are explained below and the products each one will need are on the right side of the screen.

Option 1: Record The Phone Calls

Using our Deluxe Voice Activated Digital Phone Recorder, you will be able to record all the phone calls on your house line.  The recorder itself is very small.  It can connect to ANY wall jack on your line.  So, if you can connect it to the kitchen, basement, garage, office -- any jack on that line.  Once connected, it will record all calls on that line.  It uses voice activation so it will only record when the line is in use. Both incoming and outgoing calls, both sides of the conversation.  All calls are timedate stamped so you know when they took place.

You can playback the recorded phone calls in one of three ways:
  1. Using the unit's built-in speaker: This allows you to play the calls back right in your hand
  2. Using headphones for privacy: The unit has a headphone jack and comes with headphones.
  3. Using your computer: The recordings easily download to your computer using a USB port (cable included)
This recorder is the best and easiest way to record the telephone calls on your line.  The recorder can be found here.

Option 2: Record Video of The Events

We offer a very small and inexpensive hidden video camcorder.  It records up to 24 hours of crystal clear color video.  It can easily be set to record on motion detection so it only records when activity is taking place.  This unit is a self contained camera.  This means that there is NOTHING else to buy to start your hidden video surveillance.  Playback the recorded video simply by connecting it to your TV.

This hidden camera is the easiest and most cost effective way of covertly recording video.  The Guardian can be found here.

Option 3: Track Your Spouse's Vehicle Using GPS

Our Realtime GPS Tracker will let you see in realtime where your spouse's vehicle is as well as a log of where it has been.  All locations are timedate stamped so you know exactly when a vehicle was at the given location.  To access the GPS locations, you simply go to the GPS website and login using your secret password.  Locations are interfaced with Google Maps to give you a satellite map and street address of the locations.

If you want to see where your spouse's vehicle has been, then our GPS vehicle tracker is for you.  It can be found here.

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