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4CIF AC ActiveX AGC Alarm Input ALC Ambient Light Level Analog Signal Apeture Aspect Ratio Auto Iris Automatic Terminating Automatic White Balance AVC Back Focus Balanced Signal Balun Bandwidth Baud Bit Black Level Blanking Period BLC Blooming BNC Board Camera BPS Bridging Broadband Bullet Camera Burn Byte C Mount Cable Equalizer CAD Cameo CATV CCD CCIR CCTV Channel Chroma Burst Chrominance CIF CMOS Coax Cable Codec Composite Video Compression CRT CS Mount D1 dB DC DHCP DivX DNS Dome Camera DSL DSP DTMF DVR EI Electronic Shuttering Embedded DVR Ethernet F Number FCC Firewall Focal Length FOV FPS FTP Gamma Correction Ground Loop GUI H.264 Hertz Horizontal Resolution HTTP Hub Impedance Infrared Camera Infrared Illuminator Interlace IP IP Address IP Camera Iris Joystick JPEG LAN Latency LED Lense Light Sensor Linux Lux MJPEG MPEG MPEG4 Network Camera NTSC Ohms Oscilloscope PAL Passive Pelco D Pinhole Camera Pixel Post Record Power Supply Pre Record Protocol PTZ Camera PTZ Controller QCIF Quad Real Time Remote Monitoring RF RG 59 Router RS-232 RS-485 S Video Security Camera Shutter Speed Signal to Noise Ratio SMS SMTP Static IP Address Synchronization TCP IP Telephoto Lense UPS URL Varifocal Lense Vertical Resolution Video Amplifier Video Compression Video Distribution Amplifier Video Server Video Streaming Video Surveillance WAN Wavelength White Balance Wide Angle Lense Wireless

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