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Direct Burial Siamese Coax Cable

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bury this power video cable directly in to dirt
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RG59 18/2 Siamese CCTV Cable That Can Be Buried

Direct Burial means just that. This cable can be buried directly in the dirt or mud. Siamese Power/Video Cable RG-59U Siamese cable, this contains (1) RG-59 20 Gauge solid copper center Coax cable and (1) pair of 18AWG power wires all jacketed together for simple installation. Using Direct Burial Siamese Cable does not require any kind of conduit in order to bury it.  Our Direct Burial is available in 500 and 1000ft lengths as well as by the foot. This cable is UL Listed.

Drill Smaller Holes

Siamese Coax is a larger gauge power and video than standard pre-made cables. This also provides for a cleaner install because you can drill smaller holes because you attach the connectors after cable is in place.

To attach the power side of cable you simply cut the included power supply wire, strip about 3/4" of the end, and wirenut to each side of cable. This will give you the correct plug to plug directly into the camera. The power supply is then wirenutted to the other side of power cable inside your home.

Just the Right Length

Achieving custom lengths is much easier with Siamese Coax than it is with our normal cable. You can easily cut this cable to the desired length, use a twist-on or crimp-on BNC connector, and connect the end to your camera. You can also then wire the camera to it for video as well as for power.

Siamese Coax is also available in a wider variety of lengths and colors. Instead of being restricted to 5, 25, 50, or 100 feet increments, you can have a cable length in any length. You may also purchase rolls of 500 or 1000 ft. This way, you can ensure every cable length is exactly right, making cleaner and less wasteful installs. Siamese coax is available to better suit your installation environment.

Package Includes

  • Direct burial siamese cable

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