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Infrared Security Cameras

All the infrared security cameras in this category have infrared leds in order to see in the dark. The LEDs (light emitting diodes) are 850nm. Our state-of-the-art, top-of-the -line IR security cameras are the best and latest on the market. These versatile cameras are completely weatherproof, and can be used indoors or outdoors, hard-wired or wireless. Browse through our extensive selection of security cameras and Infrared Illuminators and save today!

Most outdoor cameras are hard-wired. There is a wireless accessory option on most of the pages below to order an outdoor wireless transmitter when ordering an infrared LED camera. We include the wireless receiver and power supplies needed when ordering this option.

color weatherproof infrared camera
Wide Angle 30 LED Color Camera

Color Weather­proof Infrared Camera With Wide-Angle Lens     The SSC-1041WC7 is a fully weather­proof color camera for outdoor or indoor...

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Varifocal 2.8-12mm Outdoor LED Color Camera
Varifocal 2.8-12mm Outdoor LED Color Camera

Short to Medium Range Color Varifocal 1,000 TV Line Outdoor Camera with 2.8-12mm Adjustable Lens The SSC-310VCHR7 is a full true color outdoor weather­proof...

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varifocal color infrared camera
Varifocal 9-22mm Outdoor LED Color Camera

Medium to Long Range Color Varifocal 720 TV Line Outdoor Camera with 9-22mm Adjustable Lens The SSC-9-22IR700 is a medium to long range camera. It provides...

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deluxe outdoor infrared camera
Professional Variable Focus Long Range Outdoor Camera

Short to Extra Long Range Professional Color Infrared Camera with 5-50mm Adjustable LensThe SSC-IR600VFA  5-50mm adjustable varifocal lens camera...

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Indoor Outdoort armor dome camera
Wide View Vandal Proof Color Dome Camera

Vandal Proof Armor Dome Fixed Lens Color Camera With Infrared Illumination The SSC-111AR36IR7 series  has a fixed wide angle lens and 700 lines...

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armor dome surveillance camera
Varifocal Outdoor Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera

Weather­proof Adjustable Lens Armor Dome Color Camera with 36 IR LEDs The The SSC-111AR-IRVB adjustable varifocal lens camera will adjust anywhere...

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940nm infrared security camera
Invisible 104 LED Color Camera

940nm Invisible LED Covert Surveil­lance Camera The SSC-104C series camera is widely used by Police departments and security agencies for discreet...

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940nm camera 56 led
Invisible 56 LED Color Camera

940nm Invisible LED Indoor Outdoor Camera SSC-56C series cameras are ideal for theaters, sleep Clinics, store rooms, warehouses, nursing homes, and many...

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Outdoor HD Battery Operated Security Camera
Outdoor HD Battery Operated Security Camera with IR

Camouflage Battery-Operated Invisible Infrared LEDs Weather­proof Camera/DVR The SSC-400HDR uses 4 or 8 AA batteries and is fully weather­proof...

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outdoor wireless ip camera
WIFI Outdoor Infrared Security Camera

Wireless IP Camera with Infrared Illumination Ready for Indoor or Outdoor Use This SSC-IP300CIR is a wireless or wired IP color infrared camera solution...

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An infrared camera is able to see in the dark by providing its own light source. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) surround the camera lens and automatically turn on when the environment gets dark. These infrared LEDs emit light that the camera can see, but that the human eye cannot see.

Infrared cameras will provide a normal color picture during daytime or when the area is well lit. When the built-in sensor detects darkness, it will turn on the LEDs and provide infrared illumination. You will then see the picture in black and white. Clarity and distance will be dictated by the size of lens and the quality and quantity of infrared LEDs.

A 940nm LED will be virtually invisible to the human eye even in pitch-black darkness, whereas an 850nm LED will have a slightly reddish or pinkish glow in the dark. You would have to stare directly straight into an 850nm camera to see this very slight glow.

We offer 56 and a 104 LED 940nm cameras that are near invisible in total darkness. Many are sold to sleep clinics due to the fact that patients are not distracted by any glow. They are also used in warehouses, storerooms, nursing homes, and other places that require a higher level of stealth surveillance.

A 940nm LED emits less usable light than an 850nm led. This is why we must have so many LEDs in this type of camera. The nanometer rating (nm) and manufacturer of the LED will determine just how noticeable the LEDs will be in the dark and how much light will actually be produced.

We have infrared LED camera lenses ranging from 3.6mm which gives an extremely wide field of view, all the way up to 35mm which only has a 12.4-degree field of view (FOV).

Infrared, Day/night, IR Cameras:  these are all the same terminology. We carry a wide selection of outdoor cameras. Many of these also come in a wireless version. Most offer an outdoor wireless version. It isn't hard to convert one of these cameras into a wireless. Select between 2.97mm to 50mm lens. The cameras will be color during daytime and will automatically switch to black and white at night.

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