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Cell Phone DVR Color Hidden Camera

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Complete hidden camera package hidden inside of cell phone. Nothing else to buy
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Cellphone With Built-in Hidden Camera and Motion Activated Recording

This normal looking cellphone is in fact a hidden camera and DVR. Phone records color, realtime video either manually or on motion detection. Recordings are stored to a MicroSD card (not included). Phone is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery (battery and charger included). Video clips are time-date stamped and can be played back on your computer using the included USB Cable.

Portable Motion-Detection Recording

This camera can easily be set on a table, desk, or stand and record the room on motion detection. It records both video and audio.  You can set it to record on motion detection or record manually.  Either way, you get a crisp and clear color video. This unit runs on the included rechargeable battery so there are no wires.

Incredibly Discreet

The phone looks so normal that it won't even draw a second glance. The prevalence of cell phones in the world today make this the ideal hidden camera.  You can turn the screen on or off at any time by the single press of a button. You can easily set it down and record.

The ultra tiny camera is located at the bottom of phone. This means in order to record you simply lay it down flat as you would your own cell phone.
Please note: Phone is a hidden camera and not a functioning cell phone.

Package Includes

  • Cell phone DVR camera
  • USB Cable
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • User manual

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