Covert Audio Surveillance Equipment and Phone Call Recorders

We offer audio surveillance equipment phone call recorders to record cell phone and telephone conversations as well as monitor room sound. Audio surveillance equipment can help you listen to room sounds remotely and capture telephone conversations for playback later. At Advance Security Products we offer a full line of phone recorders that can record up to 16 hours of conversation. You can buy a phone call recorder that records both sides of the conversation and captures and displays all dialed-out telephone numbers. Purchase one of our tapeless digital recorders, which transform into cell phone recorders with available adapter. We even offer ingenious room monitors that let you dial from any touch tone phone and listen in to the sounds of the room where the monitor is located. Advance Security Products also offers a complete selection of video surveillance equipment, spy video cameras, wearable wireless hidden cameras and much more. Browse our selection today and order covert audio products for most any application.

Our phone recorders and room monitors meet most any covert listening needs

Audio surveillance equipment from Advance Security Products allows you to monitor all of your phones and listen in on room sounds. Our phone recorders and room monitors come with everything you need, so there are no extra components to buy. With our wide selection, you're sure to find the listening/recording device that fits your needs and budget.

The DPR-HQ Series provides 564 hours of recording time Monitor all the phones on your line with this automatic phone room recorder.

Our DPR-40 digital phone recorder offers you the ease of tapeless recording and room recorder capabilities. The DPR-40 offers manual or automatic activation, voice activation and no moving parts or sound of any kind when operating. It can hold up to 396 messages in four different files, for up to 40 hours of recording. The DPR-133 offers 133 hours of recording time and easily connects to your computer with its USB interface. The DPR-133 allows you to store up to 495 messages in five separate folders. You'll also love the convenience of this unit's cellular phone adapter for mini-jack equipped phones. This ultra sensitive digital phone and room recorder can operate up to 168 hours on the available battery pack.

For covert room sound monitoring, try our covert room recorder. This unit allows you to record and listen to the sounds in the room. This monitor connects to your phone line and is easily hidden. You can purchase as many as you wish to monitor multiple rooms. No one will know that you are recording, allowing you true covert listening capabilities.

Browse our complete line of covert products

We sell a wide variety of phone recorders, listening devices and microphones. Advance Security Products also offers a complete line of video surveillance systems, bullet cameras, infrared cameras, color pinhole cameras, outdoor security cameras and much more. Advance Security Products offers easy online or telephone ordering for your convenience. If you're looking for one of the most complete selections of telephone recorders and hidden cams on the Web, shop Advance Security Products today. We provide quality products and expertise you can count on.

Order telephone recorders and listening devices here.

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