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Phone/Room Recorder DPR-16A--16 hours record time

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We are very sorry, but this product is no longer available.

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Our newest and most economical unit. This unit is as simple to use as our DPR-10.
Voice Activated Digital telephone/room recorder. Completely digital with flash memory, no cassette tape is necessary. Compact size 4-1/2” tall x 1” wide x 5/8" thick.
Completely automatic. Select switch allows you to set it on manual or automatic (ARS). When you set it to ARS, it will only record when phone is picked up, and will stop recording 15 seconds after phone is hung up. This unit will record both sides of phone conversation each and every time there is an outgoing or incoming call. Up to 16 hours of recording time on LP mode. This is a battery operated voice activated system, .
Plugs into any vacant modular phone jack, or share a jack with an existing phone, connects to phone line just like an answering machine would. One unit will monitor all phones in your entire home. Absolutely 100% noise free. No annoying clicks or sounds when you pick up your phone or during your conversation. This unit will stop recording when it is full. It will not record over itself, you must delete messages when full. Instructions click here

Other Features: Omni-directional built in microphone, speaker, SP/LP record mode, record-remain time, can be set to manual or automatic off/on. Low battery indicator, Scan/Jog-Shuttle/Repeat controls. Can hold up to 297messages (99 messages in each file). This unit operates on 2- AAA batteries (included).

Note: Our first batch came in with Chinese language on unit instead of English. We are providing stick on labels to place over Chinese words if you are not fluent in Chinese. We are selling these at a discount. These will normally sell for $169.85.

Package Includes: English Instruction booklet, English Quick start guide, English adhesive labels for unit, telephone adapter, external earphone, 2-AAA alkaline batteries.
We have the lowest price, and the best warranty when it comes to the digital 16 hour recorder.


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The product is great - I will know more when I have the camera ported to the outside for viewing from a remote location.
Server is working internally to closed WiFi
DVR works great - just like advertised.

I am very surprised to have received this email. I purchase on the internet for my business several times a month. I have never been asked for feed back. Refreshing.
nicely done for the further customer services
Overall love the website and the detailed information. SSC-433CX8 love this unit, it exceeded my expectations. Having the option of using battery or AC is a plus! Wonderful customer service.

Everything came as ordered and worked as promised...will certainly check you in the future for other needs...thanks